Speed up tire changes and repairs in the pit – plus, AirJax lifts are more stable than conventional jacks.

High-performance design
Leighton Reese, World Challenge GT and Grand-Am GT driver-builder, designed AirJax to give other builders a high-quality, economical air jack.

Easy to use
Lift your car in the shop using compressed air, or at the track with high-pressure nitrogen.

Enjoy construction and design unmatched at this price!

Heavy duty
Designed for GT and touring cars. Larger bore creates more lift with less pressure.

Durable and dependable
Rely on AirJax to deliver when it matters most. Constructed from high-quality materials such as billet T6 aluminum, UHMW bearing material, anodized cylinders, and hard-coated pistons.

Each AirJax lift weighs only 4 pounds.

Made in the USA